9/11/08 Gmr

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  1. I was out at a spot near Piqua I haven't tried in a while from 4-7 in the evening and ended up with a half dozen smallies, a golden redhorse(which I'm starting to appreciate for their fight) and a 'gill. 2 of the smallies were about 12" but one was only about 5".
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    Are you fishing bait? Wo
    ndering how you always seem to get redhorse,rarely get them on the fly,TC1

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    I've been wanting all year to try using big chub minnows, figured that would get a pike. Ryan's bait store on 25-A hasn't had them, if someone knows another local source chime in.

    (tried fishing with the goldfish, didn't catch anything but they might work too.)
  4. I usually use a spincast rig with nightcrawlers(which redhorse love, of course) and a spinning setup for lures or other bait. The tackle shack about a half-mile north from Ryan's on 25-a usually has shiners and chubs but they don't open til 9a.m. so if you fish early you're outta luck there.
  5. Also, Shiners are brighter and flashier than chubs so I'd think they'd work better but I'm still a rookie around here.
    Anybody agree or disagree?
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    does anyone use a minnow trap onsite when you shore fish and bait as you go?
  7. I was thinking of getting one at wallyworld but heard you need to leave it sit for awhile, or even overnight, before you get anything. I'm considering a throw net.
  8. throw nets and seines both work well, I often collect bait on site if I'm fishing bait. just make sure you stay within legal limits on nets, dont use any sportfish caught in nets, and make sure you know what species you are using. in the gmr up there you shouldnt run into any threatend species but there are several streams around here that you can get them, $750 dollar fine for a threatend and more for an endangered, a piece, the best rule is if you dont know what it is put it back, but the common ones stonerollers and striped shiners are the best bait anyway. use circle hooks!:)
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    thanks, ile check out the tackle shack, never been in there! I think northerns probably aren't too picky about whether they are shiners or chubs, chubs just seem to be easier to keep alive in the bucket.

    I have a seine i haven't used in awhile, those work so much easier if you have someone to wade and chase the bait towards you into the net.
  10. The tackle shack is mostly into archery, believe it or not, which explains the non-fishing friendly hours but they do know about the fishing too.
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    There's another bait store up there from Treasure Island, i think he doesn't open very early as well. I hope they all stay in business.
  12. That one, "fish tales", has closed up and moved to Piqua near, and across 25a from, Paul Sherry RV. It's now a tiny, tiny place with almost no tackle available. And Ryan's is trying to sell out everything including the bait and tackle shop, home, pay pond, etc for 375,000 bucks so don't expect them to restock either.
  13. A girl at Fish Tales told me that shop on Clark Avenue in Piqua is on its way out, too. That used to be a really good one.