89 dodge van underheating problem

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  1. gives no heat.ran water from garden hose through both ends of heater core...flows nice both sides.new radiator,water pump,cap,thermostat and anti freeze. drained all of it and ran air through system.we also took the bottom of dash apart to make sure the flaps were working.and it never overheats. im done with it!!!!
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    your thermostat may be stuck open.you can put in a hotter one if you replace it. my 2000 gmc safari only gets to 150 on very cold days. a 180 degree thermostat in this cold weather is better.

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    yep had that on my truck, stick in a new thermostat.
  4. never said if the blower motor was working? if so, sounds like a thermostat like the others said. does this have a cluth fan on the engine or an electric fan on the radiator? if it is a clutch fan, cluth could be locked up causing fan to overcool the radiator. with then engine off try to spin the fan blade. it should spin freely - if it is stiff or trys to turn the engine with it, replace the clutch. i believe they are fairly inexpensive and not to bad to change if you can get to all the bolts.
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    another note, just because a thermostat is new dosent mean it isnt defective. I have seen a few bad right out of the box.
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    or you could mickey mouse a piece of cardboard in front of the radiator to stop the cold air from passing thru.
  7. I have a '98 Safari and the same is true for mine.

    The only times I ever had that happening it has always been a bad thermostat as others mentioned. They are not expensive so I would try another one.
  8. Make sure wjen you install a new stat you open it. ALOT of them stick right out of the box. Might what to have the auto parts store pull a wp and look at it. Some pumps have plastic props on them. Cant remember if it was the carravan but the 5.7 Magnums were good pumps.
  9. Just because the h/core seems to be flowing does not mean it is enough!Audi/VW's are having the same problems right now,the only thing that fixes them is a new core.
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    Repalced 5 stats the other day all bad out of box. All from auto zone but the last one was from napa. Get the hot one and buy from a good part store for this idem.
  11. Make sure you don't put the stat in upside down. With some it's possible! :rolleyes:

    Don't ask me how I know!! :mad: :D
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    funny,i think i know the same way!!!:D :D
  13. I have a 2002 Montana same thing it's ok around town
    but get out on the highway temp goes down fast.

    Put some card board in front of the radiator.
    The other day it was very cold -8 it only
    got to the first line on temp gauge but it's better
    than before.
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    Husky...If there is a recessed area in the engine block or t stat housing make sure this is cleaned very thoroughly of old adhesive or gasket.
    If this does not seal good water will bypass the t stat.
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    just repeating a couple points.first is tstat rating.i only run a 195 degree stat for cold weather.the lower rated ones usually won't do the job in single digit and lower temps.other than that,the radiator shield helps block some of the direct air contact on the radiator to help.
  16. 3 new stats in hour. i still think its the heater core but they all say it flows to fast from both ends to be it. lewis we scaped and cleaned it all.heck of a job to take it out if thats not it. thanks for the input guys.fan works good too at half guage.
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    Ah...Mr Brewer..so the engine heats up just fine..just not getting any heat inside?
    Heater core..bet on it.I have stuck a garden hose to many heater cores that flowed good but were still plugged up junk.
    A sure way to tell?? With the vehicle warmed up to operating temp grab both hoses going into and out of the heater core.
    If one is a hell of a lot hotter than the other your core is plugged.
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    LOL..ever take a lawnmower blade off that wasn't cutting and see the wrong side is shiney??? I've done it twice! My sails are always up but, not always catching all the wind. :(
  19. Lewis,tryed That First. Both Arewarm But Not That Hot
  20. Engine warms up to temp but not heating inside.... Check the cowl panel (panel at bottom of windshield) for ice and debris. THis is where the cabin air comes in at. I have a 91 plymouth acclaim that I don't drive much. Started it up once last winter just to warm it up from sitting and even with engine at operating temp, it was blowing ice cold air into the car. As soon as I got all the snow off the cowl, it started pumping enough heat into the car to make me want to stand outside where it was about 20 degrees. Another thing to check if you haven't already is inside the duct around the heater core. Make sure you haven't gotten any leaves in there blocking air flow through it or worse yet maybe a mouse or chipmunck building a nest!