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Its a tiller but you can hook controls to it. i was told it had a 15hp carb when i got it but have no way to verify it. moves my 14-36 flat bottom 18 mph. good condition, runs great, easy to start, usually. 2 or 3 pulls when cold and one time the rest of the day. Has 3 gallon tank almost full of fresh gas and oil. Hate to sell but not using like I had hoped. $800.

I also have a 1955 15 hp evinrude that's in decent shape, comes with the can with the pump, supposedly these are sought after and bring as much as 100 bucks. It's got mostly all new ignition stuff, I got it from a friend who's health is failing. He would have had it running if he was able, I'm not good with stuff like that. I had it running a couple times for 5 or so sec. Be a great winter project, make me an offer. Not gonna give it away, it's not eating anything.

Call 740.585.2152
Michael. Can't get pics to load

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