88 causeway

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  1. was thinking of going out to the 88 causeway at skeeter. are the catfish doing any good or anything for that fact?
  2. went across the causeway this morning, at 6am , two cars on the north side ,south side empty.

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    The only place my nephew fishes is skeeter, all cats. He has had a bad summer on flatheads and cant figure out why. I just spoke to him yesterday.
  4. That lake gets tough when its low. Some of those fish come in a hundred yards with bait and back out by morning. Been a couple years though, back when they put the DNR ramp in.
  5. was out sunday night, the first fish i got was an 18" channel. i got 16 crappie, the biggest 14", and missed at least six others.
  6. from just before dark til 2:30 a.m..