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    took boat to tappan tuesday, and "old reliable" woudln't start even after 20 minutes of pulling checking choke, etc, not even 1 cough- motor is a 1982 sea king 15 hp ( chrysler ) short shaft - does it have electronis ignition, or points , also , could this be a bad coil- has always started in the past, but last time out , was little stubborn - btw , I change plugs twice a year, and they were clean , only had run on these plugs about 3 trips to the lake- any ideas ??? GB
  2. i think the points are under the flywheel on that....likely the cause if you have no spark

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    Engines need fuel, air and spark to run. You know you have air but what about the other two? You can check for spark easily enough- just pull a plug wire, stick your finger in the boot, put your hand on the block and pull the cord. It'll bite you if it has spark. (OK, there are less painful ways of doing it but their not as much fun to watch if someone else is doing it. LOL)

    If you have spark, you have no fuel. Check that you have fuel at the carb. In this case, DO check to see if the primer bulb is hard when you pump it up. Then pull the line at the carb and see if it has fuel there. If so, you have a carb issue that will require a disassemble and clean ritual.

    How long has it been since you had it out? How old is your fuel? If the fuel is old, that last "stubborn" episode may have been your indicator that the fuel is turning on you. When an engine ages and loses a little compression bad fuel can really cause issues. Is the fuel fresh?

    Find out what you are lacking and attack that problem. On that engine, points are indeed under the flywheel. You'll need a puller if you need to go that route but check everything else first before you start pulling things apart.