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#8 sure can whine! great race for #24

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dip, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. dip

    dip dip

    lotsa luck involved but i was hoping ANYONE would beat jr. no way he had a restrictor plate on the #8 the way he was singlehandedly passing everyone. just my HUMBLE opinion. :D
  2. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Way to go Jeff!!!

    #24 all the Way!

    :D :D

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    I replaced Harvic with Gordon for this race in sportys fantasy NASCAR league. Glad I did. I watched as #8 tried to say he was first when the caution came out, no way....cameras don't lie ;) Great Race, sorry it eneded with a caution, but I'll take it. I don't care for Jeff Gordon, but I'll take the win :D CATKING !!!
  4. dip

    dip dip

    that about ruins the whole post for me..... DA KINK agreeing w/me? :eek: :mad:
  5. CountryKat

    CountryKat Fish On!!!

    #3 and #8 I have been a Earnhardt fan for 25 + years. I hated that finish because Jr. would have had it all the way. Just my OPINION
    I was ready to throw the TV through the window :mad:

  6. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    All I can say is that was a good old fashion hard race. Man every car had marks on them! As for the finish, Gordon was ahead at the yellow flag. If they would have restarted the race I think Gordon would have won anyway, Jr. was having trouble getting up to spped at most every re-start. Even with that Gordon and Jr.#1 & 2 was great.
  7. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    earnhardt jr and harvick in the top 5 cant beat that, would have been alot better to see gordon hit a piece of cement again lol
  8. CountryKat

    CountryKat Fish On!!!


    That would have been cool :rolleyes:

    Seriously though, I wanted to see a Gordon and Jr. shootout at the end. Everyone knows it's going to happen sooner or later and thats what I was hoping for.
  9. Perch

    Perch Perch Addict

    BoneSmoker wins a race..............been awhile...............

    Good Race #6
  10. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    well if jr. would not of droped/lost the draft of his temate he may have been in first but the last 30 laps he was all over the track and the napa car was falling back ..........if he had stuck with him he would have won

    an early crash took my man rusty out............jim
  11. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Superman won fair and square, the cameras showed he was ahead when the caution came out..Stop crying JR
  12. early retirerment and age took out my boy RICHARD and the good mopars!!...........say HEMI......
  13. CountryKat

    CountryKat Fish On!!!

    That was a good deal watching Rusty win last week. He earned that win.
  14. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    The only way sisseyboy can win one. Now ol' Stewart was up to his crap again!
    He ought to get booted for good. What a jerk. Just my opinion!!! :cool: Raider<><>
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 30, 2015
  15. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Raider I agree about Stewart, he's a real jerk. They ought to suspend him at least. Talking about a cry baby!
  16. I agree about stewart..took out my boy Rusty, and Newman in one foul swoop. Thought it was funny when j. johnson spun Stewart lol.

    Only beef about the ending is do they have any rules about when they red flag a race so they can try to finish under green? Seems kinda random....
  17. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i'm with kountrykat.jr. could have done it if they'd restarted or hadn't had the caution.he was 2nd at the flag,but i think he could have pulled it out.and the #8-#24 shootout would have been great.the two i saw last year,ended the same way..........................#8 on top.loved that slingshot by jr.
  18. fishinchick

    fishinchick The 'Chick!!!!

    There is no "fair and square" win when the race ends under a caution. He was given the win, and if the race had gone green/white/checkered the outcome wouldn't have been the same. That's ok; we'll take 2nd because we know who has already won twice this year and who has to be handed the win to them. ;) Sorry to any rainbow warriors I may have offended but the truth hurts. :D

    p.s. I was sad to see Kerry Earnhardt get taken out before the end. I was rooting for him in a way; I want him to get a full-time ride. He made it up to like 3rd at one point yesterday and bumped Jr to give him the lead; he has more potential and charisma than a lot of those "fillers" out on the track. Go Kerry!!! And Jr!!!
  19. fishinchick

    fishinchick The 'Chick!!!!

    Well, I guess the rule is that they don't red flag when there is less than 6 laps to go. But I don't get the reasoning behind that; you'd think that would be when they would definitely try for a green flag finish. Sheesh! :rolleyes:
  20. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    And everyone fails to mention about the radio interview afterwards ;) hehe. Jeffless Gordon says "I think the #8 had me in turn 3 when the caution came out, but we'll take the decision by NASCAR". HAHA. Loser.

    As for not having a restrictor plate. Guess again buddy. Just shows the talent by the #8 driver. In vegas, he is the favorite winner for ALL restrictor plate races ;)
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