8 pointer or antlerless?

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  1. was hunting with my neighbor tonight when a decent 8 pt came between our stands he had the better shot so i waited till he opened up on it with his 50 caliber he couldnt see it for the smoke but i saw clearly he rolled the deer but when it got up to run off it looked funny. we waited for about 45 minutes then went over to where he shot it to find the blood trail and there was plenty of blood but also one of the deers antlers was laying there it had fallen off just like a shed.... we tracked the deer for about 500 yards and found it laying in a small gulley when we grabbed the other antler to pull it out of the gulley the other rack came right off like it was just barely attached
    not sure what the laws say about this situation but a decent 8 pt turned into an antlerless pretty quickly...doesnt really matter because he had the either sex tag but just curious if in the states tally it would be considered a buck or antlerless deer?
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    Might have been a buck when he shot it, but it will be antlerless when he checks it in! :p If he wants he can buy another tag and shoot a 'full time' buck tomorrow .;)

  3. I would be a true sport and tag it in as a buck knowing that it was a buck when you shot it.
  4. If it were me, I would ask the person at the check-in station or call the GW. They will tell you the right thing to do.
  5. my hunting buddy's wife had the same thing happen to her with her 16pt. the deer had been shot in the rump from a treestand the thing had four holes in it in a line from one slug 2 on the top of the left rear side of the leg and 2 on the front of the right rear leg and it was all infected, thats what we think caused the early drop. we asked the game officer and he said it should be tagged as a antlered deer because when the deer was shot it had the antlers "attached". plus if its gettin mounted you need the antlered tag.