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8-5..... the GMR wins the first round

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Rooster, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. I tried in vain to get some shad from a local pond. I know that the shad are in there, but my cast net throwing abilities are humorous at best. I purchased 10 goldfish in the 5-6” range and started looking for a spot around 7:30pm. There were a lot of people fishing the river, after getting lost on the detour, I finally found an unoccupied pull-off, and got down to the water around 8:00pm. I was fishing upstream of what I believe to be Dravo Park, either way there were some old bridge pilings within sight downstream. It was not a particularly good-looking spot for flatheads, but I’m sure that it would be dynamite for the smallies. Anyway, I rig my first rod and cast a nice fat goldfish out to an eddie near some swift current. As I was rigging my second rod, the clicker starts to sound. I just kept rigging the second rod, thinking that the current was pulling my bait. A second later, the clicker is SCREAMING, and I know that it is not from the current. I could feel the weight of the fish after delivering an eye-crossing hook set. The fish did not want to come out of the current, and started taking drag. I tightened down the drag, and started to horse him into the bank (I was afraid that he would get into the rocks). I got a good look at the fish about 10’ from the bank. It was not a monster, but a nice solid fish. As the fish got closer to the bank, I could see that it was hooked outside of the mouth and to the side of its head. Then…about two feet from the bank…..The hook pulled free. I hooked and lost my first flathead of 2004 within minutes of my first trip! Although I had a good start, the river beat me in the next few hours. I lost my nine remaining goldfish, nine 8/0 gammies, and 27ozs of lead to the rocks without another bite before 10:00pm. Now, I’ve got flathead fever! I think that I will be dedicating all of my fishing time to the pursuit of GMR flatheads in next few months.
  2. At least you hooked one. Maybe in a week or two I'll have time to do some more flatheading and I'll drop you a pm.

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    I know the area you are fishing, i'm pretty sure. It is decent for flatheads, also for white bass on the right day (so I've been told). But you do lose tackle there, probably more so than other places. Haven't fished it much myself, but heard stories from numerous people that all agree with each other.