7HP outboard....HELP!

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Travis, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. I picked up an old 7HP Montgomery Ward Sea Horse today. Its made by Clinton who is no longer around. I was wondering if anyone knows where i can find parts for this motor. I've searched the net but couldn't find the part I need. I belive its an early 80's model and its air cooled. M/N: K700 2107A
  2. Travis NAPA Auto parts can get you about any part for outboards old or ney. You can also check out Carquest auto parts if there is one around you. Tight Lines Fishguy

  3. TMK


    Dad and I used to use one of those monkey wards motors on a 12ft meyers on the Yough river in PA. As a 10yr old, I learned a complete vocabulary of curse words watching my dad get that thing started in the morning.

    Great thing about an air cooled motor was that he'd tilt it up real high and run across shallow water.

    Check these guys out for parts. http://www.laingsoutboards.com/

    Keep an eye out on ebay for a parts motor also.

    Seriously though, unless your a collector of those motors, get a used johnson, evinrude or merc. You'll spend more time fishing and less time fighting the motor or hunting down parts.
  4. There's a small boat shop by the Akron Canton airport that carries old parts. I lost his information, but maybe someone else here knows.
  5. did you try www.oldoutboards.com i have a 20hp wards sea king...they say they can get anything for mine...mid 1970's
  6. Thanks guys I'll try these suggestions!!