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'78 chevy 4x4 - 56 k!

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by wackyworm, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. wackyworm


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    Hi. Let me startoff by saying - this is not my truck. It sits off to the side of the road for the last 2 days. I stopped to look at it and thought someone might be interested. Sign says- 1978 Chevy 4x4 593-8132 (740), 56,000 miles, $3,500. My visual inspection/opinion- Scottsdale 10, 4 decent Sport King A/T radials, running boards, some rust and small holes, dual exhaust, air, interior clean but some wear on seat, bumber hitch. It is 2 tone brown/tan. Again I have no further knowledge or benefit ( unless you want to send me a lure for a finders fee :D ) of this post other to say, if I were looking for a older, nice 4x4, I would look into further, I am just not in the market for a truck, although it crosses my mind now and then. If needed, I could go up and take some pics if you are really interested. Let me know.