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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Zfish, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Zfish

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    I have a early 80s 70hp mariner that has a bad cylinder in it and was curious if anyone has an idea of how much it would cost to have fixed. If not too much then I'd like to get rid of my 40 hp and have the 70 instead. Otherwise I may sell it for the controls, lower unit and the powerhead for parts. Thanks
  2. Mrfishohio had to get his rebuilt a couple yrs ago send him a pM :)

  3. UFM82

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    When you say bad cylinder, what exactly does that mean?

    I can rebuild an outboard if there is no major damage for under $1,000 easily. That would be parts and my time. If you have actual damage that requires machine shop work, that makes it debatable as to fix it or not. Scored cylinder wall? Piston damage? What happened?

    They are extremely simple- remember, no valve train. I have done several and they aren't all that bad.

    You'll likely not find a shop to do the job- too old an engine and not worth the repair cost. Do it yourself, get a buddy to do it or scavenge the parts. That's about the only options.

    MrFish was in the 2K range I seem to remember.

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    I just had an 87 oil inj. Merc 90 rebuilt at Leimanns.Stator got weak and fried #1 piston. And the piston was cooked. Everything new. And I,m talking everything. Like it just came off the Merc line. Bullit proof.
    New crank, new stator,factory pistons- new everything. Even the prop. All shafts dial indicated! Stainless pump housing. All machine work done by Stooge.Little Rick did the carbs and assembly flawlessly. Cost- $3,178.87.
    I know that sounds kinda high but Leimann does them all the way or won,t do it.
    Turns 5500 rpm with ease and never fouled a plug with the double break in oil after 14 hrs. Not a sneeze even at idle. At $105 hr shop time they better be perfect and they always are! And a very respectable warrenty! :) This particular motor has the one piece head and block so if you want one rebuilt its really expensive. (I think it was reasonable for the extensive work that I had done!) Just had to have it! :) Raider
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    UMF ... I havent pulled it apart yet its sitting at Raiders. I just know the compression readings

    # 1 20lbs
    # 2 145lbs
    # 3 147lbs

    Im going to start looking for parts here soon. Id rather have the 70 as a good motor.. If someeone could rebuild it for a good enough price I'd sell my 40 so I could have the extra hp on the boat.
  6. LakeRaider

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    SOLD! I done bought it! :D Raider
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