7.62 x 39 Corrosive or Not?

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  1. My local gun store is running a special on 7.62x39 ammo for 2.99 a box. My hangup is that I do not know if it is corrosive. I asked the guy at the store and he did not know either. The box does not say non corrosive on it, so I cannot tell. It is Russian made hollow point ammo and I would like to buy some but I do not want run corrosive ammo through my guns.

    Anyone know if there is a way to tell if it is corrosive???
  2. Orlando

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    If its surplus its probably corrosive. Go back and write down what the headstamp is then let me know. I'll find out for you

  3. BigV

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    I wouldn’t worry about it being corrosive. I shoot the stuff through my AR 15 all the time. Just make sure you do a good cleaning after you are finished for the day and you won’t have any problems.
    There are a lot of people out there using corrosive ammo as normally it’s a lot cheaper.
  4. I used to shoot the 7.62 54r through my M44. It was corrosive ammo, but it cost 10 cents a round. As long as you clean your gun really well after shooting (which you should do anyway) you will be fine. Its a lot cheaper for just shooting, then to buy the more expensive stuff.
  5. I will check out the head stamp later this week, I have to go pick up my new AK 47 when it comes in.

    I have a lot of 7.62, but can you ever have enough? I will pick up some and just keep it for just in case ammo.

    I will let you know the head stamp as well when I pick it up.
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    I just picked up 2K rounds of the 7.62x39 for $223 per for Wolf 122gr HP NC. The corrosive was $182 per 1K

  7. where did you get it from if i may ask? on a side note have you ran accross any good deals on .223/5.56mm?
  8. Thats a great deal for 2000 rounds. Its hard to find 1000 for around that price.

    Are there more where those came from? Let me know if you can, thanks
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    I've checked ALL my ammo sources and here are the best deals I could find out there:
    WF762FMJ 7.62 X 39MM 122gr FMJ $175.00/1000 case

    WF762HP WOLF PERFORMANCE 7.62 X 39MM 122GR HP 175.00 per 1000

    WF762SP 154 gr Soft Point Ammo. $190.00 / 1000 case

    WFMC762H Wolf M/C 7.62x39 124gr HP $185.00/1000


    If you are finding 2,000 rounds of 7.64X39mm for $223 you should buy all you can get a hold of and then add 50% mark up and resell it. You could make over $55.00 for every thousand you sell!!
  10. Nevermind my last post, I misread your post and thought you wrote 2k for 223$ all together, not per 1k......had me ready to burn up some plastic....lol
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    Sorry if it was not clear enough. I paid that price for 1,000 rounds of NC. Your right if it was that price for 2K, I would have bought ever single case until the guys in the dark suits and sunglasses showed up on my door step.:eek:

    BIGV Was those prices shipped or just FTF? Thanks,BC
  12. BigV

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    Here's where I use to buy my ammo (before I started re-loading).



    I think ammoman's prices include shipping.
  13. Well I picked up my new ak 47 tonight, and I am a bit dissapointed. The sights are badly canted. I knew the WASR rifles had a problem with this, but I guess in my mind I expected CAI to be a bit better about what they ship out.

    Anyway, I grabbed some of that ammo and I cannot find any info about the headstamp. Maybe someone else can...here are some pics....let me know what you think.


  14. Orlando

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    Wwhat is the headstamp, its hard to see in the pic. TD3 ?
  15. Either TD3 or TO3 possibly.....its hard to tell

    I could not find info on either, I think it is gonna be corrosive from what I have been reading about Russian ammo. No big deal, I just like to know what I am shooting before running it through the gun.
  16. Orlando

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    This is nothing more tha na wild gues but the "T" stands for Tula Arsenal, Tula Russia and I would guess 03 for the year, so I would say its noncorrosive. BUT I would treat it as corrosive until you find out for sure.
  17. Thanks, thats my plan. I have a good amount of non corrosive already, so this will just go in the safe in case I need it someday.

    Also I want to update my situation on the AK. I contacted CAI about the problem and it was a very easy fix. The guy who runs it is very nice and made sure I was satisfied with the gun, offering to ship it back on his dime and send me a different one if I was not happy. He went above and beyond what I expected, and the rifle sight is good to go.

    I do not want my above post to reflect badly on CAI. They are top notch.