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  1. I sure wish Miami would get their first win of the season.

  2. go browns.......that what im talking about
  3. 7-4 Has a nice ring to it,doesn't it?!
  4. How sweet it is! As Weatherby said, Go Dolphins!
  5. Since my Bengals are all but out of it I hope the Browns take the North this year, I like the attitude they are playing with this year except when they play my Bengals;)
  6. J-E-T-S Jets Jets Uuhhh I mean

    Go Fish!

    Think the Steeler fans are gettin' a little nervous yet?! They still have to play the Jags and Patriots.

    Browns win the AFC North!

    Ya' hear that...If ya' listen really carefully, you can hear the BALANCE OF POWER shifting in the AFC North.

    Winslow is a beast, but unfortunately he won't make the Pro Bowl this year because Heath Miller is 'way better than Winslow'. R-I-G-H-T
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    Go Dolphins and thanks Bengals!!!
  8. Winslow has turned into a beast once he learned to stay off the scooters...but as far as the Pro-Bowl goes as long as Tony Gonzalez is suiting up in the AFC he will almost always get the nod.
  9. And if he could line up in the right place ALL the time! Last week Howie Long said Devin Hester is the best returner in the N.F.L. when comparing Hester and Josh Cribbs! Cribbs procedes to put up almsot 400yds. in returns! I wouldn't give up Winslow for ANY other tight end right now and Devin who?
  10. It doesnt really matter much about stats...its all a popularity contest and whether they reconize your name or not.
  11. I 100% agree with you 'Smallmouth Crazy'. Name means alot.

    Gonzalez was once a great tight end and is still very good, but I don't know that he's the best in the AFC any longer. Went to the KC game last year and I saw something amazing that I never noticed on TV. Gonzalez is the master of the 9 yard hitch with a push off right when he makes his cut. The guy pushes off more than anybody this side of Randy Moss.

    Winslow definitely isn't the best blocker, but man he catches everything anywhere around him. Yesterday he was running a deep out and Anderson fired the ball about two yards behind him and threw it HARD. Winslow turns mid-stride and plucks the ball from behind him right in front of the Texan DB's facemask before the guy can get his hands up to make what would have been a sure interception.

    Quickest and stickiest hands I have EVER seen on a tight end. It was cool to see. If his body holds up, he'll break every tight end record out there. People make fun of the soldier statement, but that mindset is what makes him a champion and he sets a great example for his teammates.

    I'm a DIEHARD BROWNS FAN, but I would be amazed with Winslow no matter who he played for.
  12. Exactly! Not a great blocker, doesn't know where to line up half the time, the other half he's making unbeleivable catches for first downs.
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    7-4 is a beautiful thing. Winslow is the best tight end in the NFL IMO. He catches everything thrown his way!!!!! He is a monster. As far as Devin Hester goes he doesnt have sh$# on Josh Cribbs. Hester has more TD's but Cribbs has more yards and he also makes tackles on punts/kickoffs. I really feel like he is going to get to at least the 35 on every kickoff return. He goes 100% every single second he is on the field. He truly is a special player! Next up the Arizona Cardinals. This game will be the biggest test left on the brownies schedule IMO. They have to come out and put them behind early.
  14. Wow...talk of the best tight ends in the game and nobody mentions Antonio Gates??? Winslow is solid and is definitely benefitting from a QB that gets the ball out of his hands but he isn't as good as Gates.

    As far as Cribbs goes, why won't Cleveland get him more involved in the offense? I would like to see them get him out in space and if nothing else use him as a decoy. Hester is amazing! What he did yesterday was unreal...dude scores 2 td's when the bears couldn't do a thing on offense! He and Cribbs are having great years...but I'll take the guy that can get the ball in the end zone. He plays corner too!! I can't figure out why people even bother to kick him the ball :confused: ...but I guess that's why I'm sitting on my couch after working all day!
  15. You just have to love Winslow. With all the "cry babies" in the NFL, this guy is playing with a bum shoulder. He makes a fantastic catch, then reaches for a teammate's hand to help him get up as he obviously can't put weight on the left shoulder. That's called GUTS! I wouldn't trade the guy for anybody, & as far as Cribbs/Hester goes.....I'll stick with Cribbs. You could argue forever about who is better, but I'm very happy with the one we have.
    The Browns are fast becoming a real TEAM. I never thought they would progress this quickly. On Jamar's TD, just about the whole offensive line ended up in the end zone...talk about DRIVING off the ball!
    Go Browns!!!
  16. IF anybody remembers Kevin's dad , Kellen Winslow was THE tight end of his day. So this acorn did not fall very far from the tree. Prior to Kellen was a guy by the name of John Mackey who played for the old Baltimore Colts.

    He was BIG and FAST and one hell of a load to bring down.
    You old timers know who I'm talking about if you younger guys want to see
    watch the films of the Johnny Unitas/ Raymond Berry teams of that era.
    Mackey was the tight end on that team.
  17. A friend and I have asked ourselves since last year why they don't use him at wide receiver. Both are studs, I don't think I'd kick to either one. As far as stats I went to NFL.com, Cribbs has 39 returns of more than 20yds, Hester 18, returns of more than 40yds Cribbs 7, Hester 2, total yds Cribbs 1529, Hester 770 (twice as many yds!). As a matter of fact Cribbs has 100more yds on kick returns than Hester has on kick returtns, punt returns and receiving combined! Both are great players, we just happen to have Cribbs.
    As far as the tight ends, they are all pretty much even in receptions,yds, avg. yds per catch. We have Winslow so you know who I like, one thing about him is yesterday Jim Donovan said of his 62 receptions, 40 have been for first downs! Just my 2 cents.
  18. papaperch......Speaking of those old Colt's teams....they also included Lenny Moore. Boy, did Unitas have some targets!
  19. I thought about Gates and also Heap(when healthy) but I didnt want to throw to many names out there amongst the pro Winslow crowd;) I also wonder what Vernon Davis will do once SF gets there offense together.