7-14 GMR 22 1/2 inches of pure Smallmouth!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by yakfish, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. went fishing for a bout an hour and a half last night from 8 -9:30. Sorry about the 22 1/2 inches but I couldn't resist! Caught two fish one was 13 1/2 inches and the other was 9 inches that does equal 22 1/2 inches of pure smallmouth! anyway it was a nice noight to be out fishing went to a spot close to home that I have never really fished before and I'm not sure why but it is always fun to find new spots that are productive. the waer was still a little discolored but had cleared somwhat from the day before. I got into a few holes that where deeper than I thoughtmost of the river in that area is about waist deep but the holes where about neck deep and close to moveing water. the smallies really seemed to like those types of areas.
    good fishing!
  2. LOL, yak. Well, you're right... (13.5 + 9 DOES equal 21 1/2 ):)