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6500c modification?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by FINMAN, Aug 26, 2007.


    FINMAN Old Junior Member

    I would like to modify the bait clicker on one of my 6500s. I fish primarily for channel cats in central Ohio and find the reel's performance is great , but the bait clicker is a little too stout when the fish are biting light (lots of short runs with no returns).
    Is it mechanically possible to do this? Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.
  2. its possible you have an older style "mechanical" clicker, they are pretty stout. if you want you can replace with a "brass" clicker which is much looser. you need to buy the black "lever" switch as well as the brass peice. i can buy them locally here for about $5 a set. go to, great service and prices.


    FINMAN Old Junior Member

    Wow, great site. Now part of my favorites list. I appreciate the info.
    Browsed the forums a bit too a lot of combined knowledge there.
  4. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    It's possible to DINKERIZE anything!

    If it can be improved Dink is the man to do it! It's amazing.
  5. EE


    may be too late, but if not.....try this!!!!!!!!
    I did the very thing you are talking about, about 5-6 years ago. I have a few Abu Garcia reels that I bought specifically because of the bait clicker. I also decided, however, that the bait clicker was too "stiff"; there was too much resistance and I was missing bites because the reel wasn't letting the fish take in the bait completely and run with it (catfish feels resistance, drops bait, by the time I grab my pole - fish is gone).

    I opened up the reel and learned that it was a Spring that was controlling the bait clicker, so I had to find a way to ease up that spring so the clicker could work with less resistance. I can't remember who I got the tip from, but it was a good one - I replaced the spring with a rubber band that someone might use for braces. Those really tiny, circular rubber bands........ they are absolutely perfect for this job. They control the clicker just as well as the spring, but with far less resistance......... problem solved. I've yet to have to replace one, after this simple modification, and the ease with which line strips from the spool (while making the clicker noise) is remarkably easier.