65 Gallon Oceanic Reef Tank

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by Blainesworld, Jan 30, 2009.

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    i have for sale a 65 gal. oceanic reef tank that is complete. i have everything you need and less then a year old. this tank has 135lbs of live rock, 9 corrals and 2 fish . many crabs and snails and a few shrimp. it comes with a new 10000 hvo output light, a protein skimmer,and a uv sterilizer, the tank is a predrilled so the filters are all hidinin the stand below.if you or anyone interested in salt water. this is a great steel i have to move and cannot take it with me. my wife and myself spent over 3000.00 for this tank with everything to set it up. but i know its never worth what you spend so just to get rid of it to a good home im asking 1200.00 and that's a firm price im already losing my but.so if i can get some of it back that would be great.if you would like to stop and see drop me line or call me at 330-475-3979. my name is Blaine and thanks for looking.

    ps all try to put some pics on here of it, if i can