EDIT - Sold 1 can at yard sale for $15 or $20. Pulling everything else, no interest at orig price and it's not worth the bother to sell at reduced price post yard sale. Marking as sold wouldn't be accurate and couldn't figure out how to delete listing. Moderator is encouraged to delete if convenient or appropriate. Thank you, Jim.

Two metal 6 gallon Johnson gas cans $35 for both or $20 for 1st one sold. I'll work with someone a little on the price on the second day of the community yard sale this weekend (or after) No hoses, but yeah I expect the connectors will pop out a smidgeon to expose a little shiny metal but they both worked fine when I last used them. 95+% of old gas removed today. For the younger boaters, plastic is lighter, bulges when hot (even high end OMC tanks, and at least some leak gas when one forgets to close the vent at the end of the day, and they contact a bunch if one forgets to open the vent. Metal cans don't do that stuff and there is no manual vent. Other than the price became ridiculous, I don't know why they stopped making them but encourage comment if that's allowed. If there were safety reasons, I'd like to know.

$20 - 6" Mora or is it Strikemaster ice auger. I didn't like the looks of the blades, but they did cut hair/shave my arm pretty good so IDK. First time I ever did that with the blades on the auger... Anyway, I think they may be OK. Friend that gave me the auger (moved to TN) ice fished a bunch but only had the auger for maybe 2 yrs at most (used my stuff at start) I'll include a spare set of blades that look better but are duller if your inclined to send them in to be sharpened. DYI sharpening auger blades is about like sharpening broadheads If you can do it, I wanna know how. I even have a Mora sharpening stone lying around somewhere...

$25 for pair of wooden big boards with 22 releases (11 each, 2 kinds) I pd about $25-30 for the boards and around $10 a dozen for the releases if I recall. I'll drop the price $5 in a few days. These are from the days when Hotshots and Yellowbirds were the only other game in town for the little guy. 1st generation Willies might have been around... W/O a mast, you tie the towline to a big stick stuck in a front deck seat post, Down easter rod holder, or top of a cuddy cabin...Definitely entry level but they work. A big advantage is you can use pretty light tackle compared to what you need for std Offshores or Church, etc.