6-7 pound river smallies?

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    I drifted the GMR from Troy to Tipp City yesterday and got checked out by the game warden at the canoe livery in Tipp City. Anyhow, we got talking; and he said the Stillwater river is very hot right now; with some very big smallies being caught. He also added that they electro-fished the river; and got some smallmouth in the 23-24" range, with the heaviest weighing over 6 pounds! I asked him what the largest smallie he has seen or heard caught out of the GMR and he said 7 pounds 2 ounches; and it was weighed and verified at Fishing Quarters in Dayton. Anyone ever hear of this fish caught; I don't know when it was caught; but I was very surprised that these rivers produced smallies of this size. I thought there may be a few 5 pounders, but 6-7 pounders, unreal!
  2. There was a guy who owned a bait shop in Piqua way back in the day. He had two 6lb+ smallies on his wall in the shop caught from the GMR. He was a fly fisherman nonetheless ....

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    there's some big smallies in the gmr and lower stilly.I've managed to hook a few of those bigguns but always near structure and they got the best of me.Biggest I ever actually saw outta the water was a 25" fish that was as fat as any erie fish...6 lb or more, easily.TC1
  4. Yes, Big River Smallies around those rivers. I was told, years ago the State Record was caught below the GMR Dam at Rte. 4, 75 Split. I think it was around 7 pounds. That was before Randy Van Dam caught that Erie Pig. It is still debated if Randy caught that fish in Canada and brought it back to Ohio. Unknown? One thing I do know is, there will be plenty more 5-7 pound Smallies caught out of them rivers. I never caught one over five there, but several over four. There were literally more than a dozen of 3-4+ pound fish spawning in my favorite GMR Hole this year. What a great year to be a River Smallie fisherman. I know some guys right now fishing the Detroit River for the FLW Tour this week. Wow, if only I was there. That place is IMHO the best Smallmouth waters in the world. We live so close, to those that have never went, You MUST Go. A little over three hours from Dayton to Trenton at the Elizabeth Park Launch site. Well woth the drive. Fox Sports Ohio will show a Smallmouth bonanza here in a few weeks. It will be incredible. Probably over a twenty pound average to win with 17+ average to make the cut.
  5. 6-7LB river smallies? OK, where is a good place to launch a kayak, I guess that I would put-in at Englewood dam (PMs would be very welcome!)? I would like to do a float on Sunday morning. Starting as EARLY as possible, and getting off the river at around 1:00pm. Anyone interested?