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Went out of Vermilion off the Ford plant SLOW. I started out okay but slowed down a bunch. Got two on a Eriedencent RR deep 60 off board then I flat line it (it got rough) 200 back, and Kevorkin large spoon of 20 jet 150 back took 3 more fish and lost 2 at boat all 03 fish. End up pulling . Waves started out at 1-3 mid morning 2-4 rolling. Talked to Hetfield and Shortdrift out there they counld not get a bit going. On the way to work called hetfieldinn and they got into a pack of them doing well. Can't wait to see the report. I fished in 42 to 47 feet of water. Water was clear out there muddy in close.
Hey scaupstopper troll master did the same thing. Cycling rpm found that if I ran my live well the trollmaster cycles shut it off it stops. Electical inerferrence. Thought this might help you. I will reroute tomorrow to correct this.
Fat cat I tried call you no answer. Hope to hook up some time.


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6-6-06?? Maybe you guys are possessed by the devil or something? :D

Nice lookin fish. The size looks a little better than we got the last time out.
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