6/16 hoover friday night

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  1. well just got back from vacation and couldnt catch anything out of that stupid ocean in nags head outer banks.. so got back yesterday and got my motor fixed while i was gone, thanks smitty..... got right out on the lake tonight with my gf..so we was just hanging out and trollin around just enjoying the evening doing some bass fishing mostly and of course couldnt catch any of those either...but did land a few crappie and an awesome saugeye. about 28inches and 7.5 lbs. we fished from about 630-1030p it was a beautiful night and i wanted to stay..but ya know the gf was there and.we had to go! :(....saw several other guys trollin and alot of fish activity out there in the dark. im goin back some night this week.
  2. well anyways the pics are in my pictures if you can get it open, these links are humongous pics, and dont know how to downsize them to put em on here but they look ok in my picture album. sorry

  3. misfit

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    now that's what i'm talkin' about:B
    glad to see you finally hooked up with one of those piggies.sticking with it does have rewards sometimes:D
    looks like he's been chowing on those shad pretty good.
    i got the pics up for you.
    shoot me a pm with the rest of the story;) .



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    Congrats on a nice fish. Now I know why you call yourself shady, slim.
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    Think it was you that was loading up when we were leaving last night? We were fishing in my friend Shaun Frame's boat, so didn't have an OGF sticker on it. Have to remember next time I see you out there.

    Nice fish, I only caught 1 'eye myself last night, but certainly wasn't anything like that. That is certainly a dandy, what did you catch it on?