6/11/07 Great Day at West Branch...

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  1. No fish, not even a follow or rip. Fished hard for six hours. BUT , I MET MADMAC!!! Steve and I had a nice talk, the highlight of my week!! Well, it is only MONDAY!!;)
  2. same results for me this morning as well. it was great to get out there though. fish were active early. you could see them busting bait at the surface for about the first 45 minutes of light this morning, but still no takers. ohhh well, i'll be back at it tomorrow morning

  3. Steve is a great guy! That will be hard to beat.
    Those fish must have needed an extra day of rest from you! I have a feeling tomorrow we will see a photo! LOL
  4. It was nice to meet you too John. Also the highlight of my week, well, until I got to look at that dead wiper. lol LARGE wiper floating near west ramp. Had something long and about 1/2" wide hanging out its butt. Tape worm? Maybe what killed it. Shame, would have been fun to catch. Like you said John, it's nice to know there are still some in there.
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    speaking of westBranch and wipers ...what ever happened to that guy named JIG that used to be on here?
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    Luredaddy, that was my buddy and I that trolled past you in the Whaler. He got four Bass and I got a 27 inch Northern, a 35.5 inch Muskie, a 13 inch Walleye and a small Bass. All fish were released and were caught troliing small crankbaits.
  7. OK Whaler, I thought that was you, We had a 16" Walleye attack a Monster Shad, that was it. Maybe tomorrow. It was one of those really nice days in NE Ohio, WB is a nice lake to spend time on, it is even nicer when you catch a fish!! Glad you had some action.
  8. He's just busy with 4 boys and baseball etc.