5th year of Satuerday night Shootouts

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  1. Saturday Night Shootouts! Open tourneys
    Starting Oct. 4th 2008 til ice up
    Weigh in at Rich's Hook Line & Sinker (Vermilion)
    *4pm to 11pm (weigh in will be at 11pm sharp!)
    $20.00 a team (4 man max) (6 rod limit)
    $20 optional big fish entry available
    Winner take all, 100 percent payback!
    OHIO waters only
    All bank or boat fishermen/fisherwomen Welcome!
    Sign up at Rich's Hook Line & Sinker by 4pm or call Rob.

    Any questions please contact Rob Cline (One-Eye) @ 419-651-4725 or 419-652-2488 after 6pm or send a PM

    * Times subject to change as nightfall gets earlier.
  2. It was commented on another thread that these are my tournaments and someplace else that they are WBSA tournaments. Neither statement is factual but WBSA does support them and help promote them both at Rich's in the fall and at the Wharf in the spring. All three of us(Rich's, The Wharf and WBSA) are supporters of OGF and/or the Hawg Fest, and 4 if you count my personal charter advertisement.

    Here's the way it is.

    A group of us in 2004 were looking for a way to put a little competition in our night fishing. WBSA had the equipment and at the time Cranberry Creek Marina had the gumption to come in late and let us have them there. Nobody was out to make a killing, it was and still is for bragging rights. We about killed Woody with those hours so Rich volunteered 2 years ago to take them over.

    The club takes nothing for it, Rich's takes nothing out of it and you don't have to be a member of WBSA or spend a dime in Rich's shop to fish them.

    It's low key, simple rules and based on the honor system. Rob Cline (One-eye)and Dick Chicoine(Alumacraftman) have been running them the last 2 years, not me. My hands are full with the LEWT and other things i have going on. Rob is not very computer literate and Dick travels a lot in his job, so not much gets posted and now and then i help them out, like now. It is "not" my series but I do enjoy fishing them.