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5th Annual Long Lake Crappie Tournament

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by JustFishin, May 2, 2005.

  1. Well guys ,just stopped by the baitshop on Long Lake.Talked to the owner,and he has a crappie tournament this Saturday the 7th.He said it was his 5th Annual,and a lot of people from this site participate in them.He is the one who told me about this site,said I would meet a lot of good guys.Just don't laugh at me ,I never fished a tournament in my's what I make of the rules.I forgot my flyer there.
    Fee:$20 per boat
    12 fish per boat
    All fish must be 9in. or larger
    I can't remember the call the baitshop,I'm sure he'll tell you.Looking forward to meeting some new fishing friends.
  2. I wish they'd have it on the 8th. I can't make the 7th, it's our club's Kid's Trout Derby. Oh well, I guess you guys will have to catch all the crappies.

  3. EJH


    I plan to be there. Never fished Long Lake except through the ice. Does this lake get much of a chop due to boat traffic or wind? Will I be OK in a canoe?