5th Annual Falls Outdoor Sports Show

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bob Why, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. I just recieved this in Vic's News Letter. See it is up on Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports when it notified me of similar threads. But I never read that one and thought that some of you don't either. So here it is.

    5th Annual Falls Outdoor Sports Show ***

    The 5th Annual Early Spring Outdoor Sports
    Show is ON! Mark your calendar now to make
    time to stop in and get some great deals on
    fishing tackle (my favorite!).

    Plus you can get info on the outdoor sport
    you enjoy with exhibitors in fishing, boating,
    hunting, archery, camping, and then all the
    supplies that you need for these sports.


    The show will be held at Emidio's Expo Center
    at 48 East Bath Road in Cuyahoga Falls. That
    is on the corner of Bath and State Roads.

    The show runs TWO DAYS ONLY - February 23-24.

    Show hours are:
    Saturday, February 23 from 9:00am- 7:00pm
    Sunday, February 24 from 9:00am- 5:00pm

    Admission is $5/adults, $2/ages 8-12, and
    kids under 7 are admitted FREE!

    SATURDAY ONLY - The first 50 kids through the
    door under 12 receive a FREE fishing reel!

    For show information and exhibitor info, you
    can call Jim B. at 330-351-5175 or call Phil
    at 330-322-6561.
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  4. Fishers of Men

    Fishers of Men Senior Member

    5th Annual Falls Outdoor Sports Show

    Thanks for the heads up Bob. I was wondering about this one.
  5. Moved here and "stuck" just to help get the word out. Thread is also "stuck" in the "Northeast Ohio" section.
  6. alan farver

    alan farver purple raiders softball

    could someone post directions.would be coming from the dover philly area.are there good deals at this one
  7. alan i would take rt8 north to 303 west turn left on rt303 go 200-400 ft turn left on old rt 8, go south on old rt 8 about2-4 miles look for a hamburg station and a on tap bar and grill on the left side of the road. the place your lookin for is just past these store and is a old grocery store on the left side of the road also. If you go past dicks gun room you have goin to far . hopes this help you out.
  8. alan farver

    alan farver purple raiders softball

  9. alan did you end up going? if so how was it?
  10. alan farver

    alan farver purple raiders softball

    it is next weekend.i will let you know how it is.probably going saturday
  11. This is a probably one of the best shows going on. It's only the 5th year under the Vic's/Falls Outdoor Sports, but has been going on for longer than that. It used to be held at the Armory. See you there.
  12. snake69

    snake69 Equal opportunity fishing

    I'll be there as you know Bob Why. This will be my second time, missed it last year, but enjoyed the show the year before! Who else is going. Hope to meet alot of you there....
  13. triton175

    triton175 STX 206 Viper

    I'll be there, probably early. Too bad there's no OGF booth this year.