55mph Pontoon?!?!

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  1. While out cruising on portage lakes the other day I came across a guy having some problems with his pontoon boat. My brother actually pointed out the boat because it had 3 pontoons on the bottom which was a bit strange. Then we noticed he had his motor cover off and was messing with the motor. We decided to go over to see if he had any problem. wow what a motor! I think it was a yamaha 200hp? Turns out he was breaking in the motor and was fouling out plugs. We gave him a tow back to his place so he could get it running. Wasn't much longer we seen him out in the speed zone FLYING! He was passing some fast smaller boats out there. It takes a lot to impress me and man this thing did it. We talked to him afterwards and he said it was around 45mph but would run around 55mph with 4 people on it.

    So I guess there wasn't a point to this thread other than I have never seen a pontoon running 50mph+ I think that is pretty cool! Anyone else have one similiar?

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    Saw G3 tri-toon with a 225 in the showroom not sure how fast they said it would go but I'm sure it would fly too. seems like it would probly be a rough ride and not handle so great in rough water though. I've never driven one so I couldn't tell ya.

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    We got a guy in our club that has a pontoon with a 525 cubic inch Mercruiser motor. He frequents ceasers creek lake. Saw the boat run 65 mph and some change 3 weeks ago. Very expensive boat. Came from the factory with this motor. Raider

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  4. Wow 65?! I believe the guy that was running this boat worked at the Sandy Beach marina and was getting the boat ready to use as an advertisement tool. good thinking in my book. It impressed me. He said it handles great. Nice and smooth. I was curious about the handling as well. When I was towing him back to his house that thing DID NOT want to turn. As soon as those pontoons started moving they just wanted to go straight.
  5. was at indain lake a few weeks ago and saw alot of pontoons with 150 to 225hp on them and they were flying across the lake
  6. Nick, I LOVE that picture of your boat. I grew up on a Lyman Lapstrake boat just like that. We had it in saltwater the whole 10yrs we had it. That's what we used to catch all our Flounder, Cod and Haddock on all summer long in Massachusetts back in the late 50's and early 60's.

    Good luck with it for sure.

  7. I have seen pontoon boats in the past at Portage lakes that fly. I saw one with 2 floats going away and from the back it looked like a hydroplane racer. When he turned at the end of the speed lane I found out it was a pontoon. It was way cool, but I don't think I would want to go that fast in one. My parents have one at Atwood and it goes about 15 blazing miles an hour. LOL