$50k a year compared to Lebron

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  1. BuzzBob

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    LeBron James (including outside income)
    vs. the pay you entered
    Player's annual pay $28,410,581
    Your annual pay $50,000

    Player's monthly pay $2,367,548
    Your monthly pay $4,167
    Based on 12 months of work
    Player's weekly pay $546,357
    Your weekly pay $962
    Based on 52 weeks of work
    Player's daily pay $109,271
    Your daily pay $192
    Based on five-day work weeks year-round
    Player's hourly pay $13,658.93
    Your hourly pay $24.04
    Based on 40-hour work weeks year-round
    Years it would take at the salary you entered
    to equal the player's pay for one season:
    568.21 years
    Lifetimes it would take at the salary you entered
    to equal the player's pay for one season:
    12.63 lifetimes
    Based on 45 years of work per lifetime
  2. People are not being taxed for his pay.
    We (they)(us) are willingly parting the $$'s.
    LeBron is earning his keep, for those that endorse him, and also the Cavaliers owners.
    He is worth every penny works hard and has the talent.
    Same as rock stars and movie stars.
    No problem here with that here.

  3. zachtrouter

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    Here is worth every cent he earns. Biggest known athlete in world. The amount of money he makes the NBA, cavs, cleveland, etc. is just crazy. If they win the championship this year he will be a lifetime cav and possibly greatest player ever.
  4. I have no problem with the money Lebron makes, he brings so much attention and revenue into the state that is insane.
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    Life is all about choices...! :confused:
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  6. I am under the opinion that if you have a talent, skill, gift, etc and someone is WILLINGLY going to pay you a zillion dollars for it...........have at it. It is called capitalism the last time I checked. My only issue is the gene pool I was handed that didn't let me hit a golf ball 360 yards down the middle consistantly, run a 4 second 40 or throw a 105 mph fastball!
    These athletes would not make the amount of money they are making if the me's and you's of the world were not packing the arenas, rinks, ball parks and fields to watch them every chance we got. Just think, The Buckeyes pack 105,000 every Saturday and these young men are making a dime, but the college and state of Ohio is making a fortune.
  7. cantsleep

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    No body is willing to pay to come out and watch what I do, either.
    Or put me in the paper,
    Or on Sportscenter,
    Or talk about me on the radio,
    Or talk about me on T.V.,

    You get the idea.
  8. The One

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    I think it's ridiculous the amount of money someone gets just to play a game for a living. Believe me if I could be doing the same thing, you better believe I would.
  9. BuzzBob

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    Sorry guys, I intended to post this as a way to really understand the amount of his compensation compared to a $50,000 a year guy.

    I didn't want this to turn into a "he deserves it, no he doesn't thread".

    Next I want to compare that $50,000 against the stimulus package. Should be interesting.
  10. misfit

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    that it should be.let's just hope it doesn't get TOO interesting;)