50 states 50 fish in 50 weeks

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  1. Anyone else reed the article in the Columbus Dispatch? What an adventrue. This couple was going around the country on a trip to catch 50 different fish in all 50 states in 50 days, on a fly rod! They were in columbus yesterday and were fishing in a quarry pond off rt 33, i think someplace close to the DNR office. Then went out on Alum last night and the guy got a saugeye, i think that put him up to 40 some different freshwater fish and over 60 if he counted saltwater. Ohio was his 35th state. What a trip.
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    Reminds me of Frank and Narda Walters, co-presidents of the Carp Anglers Group. They set out to catch a carp in all 50 states.....and they did! Even Hawaii (koi) and Alaska. Now we all know that Alaska doesn't have carp.....but man......what a story they have to tell about THAT state :D

  3. I read about them in In-fisherman several times, that would have been great.
    It would be a lot of fun to catch 50 different types of fish.
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    sounds like a blast!