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  1. Stopped to see my state farm agent yesterday...corner of sunbury & E walnut...facing hoover. Dam hard to concentrate on insurance while staring at open water and diving seagulls :rolleyes:. The main lake just north of smothers was still ice covered. That ice should be history this weekend.

  2. Mushijobah

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    The gulls are ridiculous out there! They were on Monday at least. I'll be up there in a few hours to see how it's looking. The water is definately UP for those who fish Hoover.
  3. Alum and Delaware have way more Gulls than usual as well. I'd say a big push north got held up here when the cold returned last week.
  4. acklac7

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    weather.com is calling for 67 on Saturday and 65 on Sunday.....Could it be that winter...is over? :D
  5. I dont know if winter is over but I think the water will stay open after this and thats the important part now if they will let Buckeye retain just 1 foot more of water that would be great
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  7. am all for the end to this horrid cold weather myself, however keep in mind the last couple years we always seem to get smacked with a large snowstorm just when we think we are in the clear.........................
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    Thanks for that reminder scallop!:curse: Who cares? I'll fish in a snowstorm. I've done it during a thunderstorm, how much more difficult could it be?:D
  9. Don't forget last year we got blasted in march after some mild weather. Yet i'm trying to convince myself the cold weather is done. I'm going this weekend rain or shine!!
  10. Nice weather the last few days, turning cold and ugly tomorrow. Should slow the fishing a little. Like the fishermen the fish were out and about this past week.
  11. That's march for ya. Yesterday I had the A/C blasting all the way home from work...Tomorrow's high in the 30s....Last year we were still digging out from 2' of snow.

    Still beats february though ;).
  12. yep were sneakin through March without a big bump other then some wind. lets keep it that way and slow down the wind
  13. Yeah WTH with all this wind for the past month or so? If I wanted wind I'd move to Minot, ND. :D
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    LOL.yep,you'd definitely get your fill up there:eek:
    luckily i was there in the summer,so 50 mph winds weren't bad with 100 defree temps,LOL.
    my stepson was stationed there and had to pull missle silo guard duty in the beautiful winter blizzards.wasn't what he expected when he joined and decided to be an AP,LOL.
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    It does seem like there has been more wind than usual. Even back to deer season, it seemed everytime I got out I was facing 20 MPH in my stand. It was unbearable at times during ice season and hasn't relented yet. I just don't remember this much wind, maybe I just got out more often
  16. Tomorrow is cold thru sat then it looks cold and rainy till the following weekend I will be trying it for a lil bit tomorrow.
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    In like a lion out like a lamb...Let 'er roar!! Shroomn' season is coming, the saugeye bite has been pretty good with this wind as well!