5-9-18 Crappie Bite

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  1. Crappie were holding close to structures no crappie on minnows but black and green jigs were the key for me today. All fish were caught in less 5 feet of water.

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  2. Nice bascket of fish !!!
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  3. I hope you weren't in long lake. Caught plenty yesterday but noooooooooo keepers.pT
  4. mosquitopat

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    c'mon y'all....there were a lot more crappie pics posted by this time last year. What seems to be the problem? :confused:
  5. Hmmmm... maybe the lousy weather. Water temp is key. Don't need anymore cold fronts to screw it up.
  6. I got on some last night...they weren't that shallow a week ago but some of the males I caught were super black...I think the spawn is gonna happen quick this year...blew through 2 dozen minnows in an hour and a half..fish were super aggressive.. unfortunately they were also small.. probably caught around 30 and kept nothing..might have to try some different water.
  7. AAAAMMMMEEENNNN!!!!! One here now, will be here thru the next several days!:( :(
  8. Yeah man this weather is a bummer! I planned to fish the whole weekend hitting a few new spots but this weather is getting in the way.
  9. Got my limit in shallow with plastics

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