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  1. Went out of TC today and my morning started out like crud. Sat a the dock a little longer then i wanted too because my outboard wouldn't turn over. Duh it helps if I put switch in the up position to RUN!!!! I went beyond Cone to 28-32 FOW and found fish stacked up. I had one pull back then I hooked up with this beauty. He was 7.2 lbs. 45 back, 1.2 speed. It was my only fish all day. If your wondering about the 800 in its mouth, its a custom painted by ShutUpNFish (Paul). The pull back was on another custom he a painted in a baby walleye scheme. I ended the day jiggin near Locust but didnt' see a net hit the water. Saw the clouds forming in the West so I packed it in. The fish trough at TC had only six carcuses in it when I cleaned my fish.

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  2. thats a nice fish man!

  3. Nice fish Norm. Man has it been tough this year. Those were some nice marks, it drives you crazy when you can't get them to go.
  4. Hey Norm how was the water clarity out there?When we were out Thurs. the water around Cone was the dirtiest water we saw all day.
  5. Rebel, the clearity was better then right on the reef, i could at least see below my prop.
  6. Nice fish norm!. You finally get the ducer prob worked out or did you paint the marks on the screen.:p Nice fish buddy. I was layingon the couch on drugs wishing I was fishing.
  7. that takes some cojones to admit on a public forum :D
  8. He was just easing the pain of not being on the water. LOL Yep Steve the ducer it fixed.
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