5/31 N.O.A.A. Berlin closes in 12...

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  1. Hopefully everyone is fishing more than surfing the web!

    Just in case...the second NOAA event will close in the next 12 entries. They have been coming in steady this week.

    Online credit pays remain open until the end of this week or once the field narrows to just a few spots.

    I will be UNABLE to accept entries for the Berlin event at our first NOAA at Mosquito this Saturday due to the near full field at this time.

    Pass the word to nontechno anglers... no phone calls either :p Snailmail your entry TONIGHT!!!!!!!!

    Much appreciation~

  2. NOAA events are approved for:

    STRATOS double your winnings! $12,000 on full field

    RANGER CUP WIN ! $7,000 on full field

    CHAMPION DIAMOND PROGRAM! $9,500 on full field

    SKEETER REEL MONEY! $9,000 on full field

    BassFanArmy Weekend Warrior Championship FREE! $25,000 win/$800 showup

    100% payouts the day you fish on a small 60 paid team capped field...

    The grassroots have taken over!!!!


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