5/30 Scioto

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by NLC25, May 30, 2008.

  1. Fished the Scioto yesterday evening for about 5 hours (near campus). Came up with over 20 smallmouth and a bunch of rockbass. Most of the smallies were 10-12 inches with a few around 15 mixed in. Almost all were caught on tubes.

    I am really surprised with the Rock Bass population, I've never caught so many large rock bass.
  2. I've caught a ton of rock bass on the Scioto and some big ones between Oshay and Griggs. They seem to be less discerning on presentation and lure type than most other fish. It's too bad they don't put up more of a fight when hooked, they would be much more fun to catch.

  3. Fished the same spots today. Water was up quite a bit (and went up as I was there...there were a few hairy spots crossing the riffles). Caught some nice smallies and rock bass. The smallies were a bit bigger this time, 3 in the 1-2lb range.
  4. How was the clarity? I am palnning to go out tomorrow evening. I stopped by today at an area south of Oshay and it looked very fast and very murky. Were you using tubes again? What colors? I was using natural colors last weekend and did very well. I am wondering if chartreuse, black and white would be better options tomorrow.
  5. Green pumpkinseed, did not try any other colors. I was a little bit further south, the water wasn't too murky, but like I said, they seemed to have been letting more water out while I was there.