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5/3 tappen

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mrtwister_jbo, May 4, 2004.

  1. snuck out yesterday afternoon with a friend he wanted 2 try 2 outfish the big guy lol :p told him pretty cold an windy an on a cold frt not 2 think u r going 2 kill'em be happy if u get a bite :rolleyes: he said bring it on big guy quit makeing long story short
    final score batman(bob) 1 white bass///1 crappie
    mrtwister(me) :) 3 white bass ///1 17''saugeye(big fish of day)10 crappy
    1 12'' 4 9'' an 5 dinks (1 1st fish of day)
    all fish got on 1/8 1/16 jigs chart 2''tail an 2 white bass got on spinner(yellow)
    all fish got at rest area on 250!!!!

  2. Nice job on a cold day. NOthing like a friendly little competition to make the afternoon a little more exciting.

  3. i would have met you there if you would of told me. i was at sally and the cadiz resv and didn t do nothing..
  4. am off the 8/9/10/an 11th
    am looking 2 hook up an do a little fishing anybody else hittin it this weekend
    will chip in on gas//// bait ///// or what ever ???????
    interested in learnin to fish the local lakes ///am a river guy if u know what i mean love that mov''in water :D
    just pm me i check out this site everyday sometimes more than once lol
    the river looks nice 2day !!!!
    fished the steubenville boat launch this morin 4 about 1hr :rolleyes:
    had 2 bites an landed 1 14''smallie :cool: not sure what other was but it sure felt nice!!!!