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5/1 tappen

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mrtwister_jbo, May 1, 2004.

  1. fished the lake 2day with my wife mrstwister_rj :cool:
    we hit a few spots rest area/white church/an the handicap dock/an a few new spots ;) caught a bunch of everything white bass/lg mouth/smallmouth
    saugeyes/crappie/rockbass/bluegill/catfish an even a carp all caught on 1/16 an 1/8 jigs tipped/// an tipped with minnows an 2'' an 3'' chart/an glow tails
    one keeper 12''crappie/rest was small, white bass 8''to 10'',saugeye 9''
    lg an sm mouth none over 10'' we caught around 35'' all 2gather real nice day
    a little windy ,,, but a very nice day :D
    ottisdaddy good job on them crappies :cool:
    cory missed u this afternoon when i came 2 get bait ,,, u was eating :D
    next time 4 sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    take a kid fishing or your wife lol
  2. why didn t you reply to my p m to you?

  3. Corey

    Corey OGF Team-Charter Member

    Sorry I missed you. Next time!!
  4. sorry bro it was a last minute move
    we were going 2 work at my sis-in-law sat but she got called out 2 work so me an wife loaded up an went fishing think we passed each other last night on the way home around 8pm
    did u go 2 atwood ?? if how u do?

    got a honey dew day 2day cleaning an putting up with the wife lol lol lol
  5. WillyB

    WillyB Go Bucks!!!

    MrTwister, we had the same kind of day on Clendening. Fished up in Brushy Fork and had lots of fun with the white bass & largemouth. Nothin big. White bass ran from about 7 - 12". One largemouth was about 14". Did hook abut a 10 lb carp in the top fin and he gave my ultra lite a run for its money. Finally got him in the net - didn't want to lose my favorite spinner bait. :)

    We caught almost everything on 1/4 oz mepps x-deep inline spinners. Man I love this bait. Caught a small muskie on it the previous trip at Piedmont. Could not locate any crappies though. I pitched jigs and the wife gave her minnows swimming lessons, but no crappies. I haven't fished clendening that much but couldn't find much water (depth) in Brushy Fork. Is the channel silted in? Anyhow it was a beautiful day - what happened to all the storms? :D
  6. we fished tappen sat nite from 8 till 3am on the dock. got plenty of dinks and i nice 12 in crappie and a 13 1/2 in white. think the white bass are due soon. that will be a blast again and a fish fry!!! jimbo lets hook up let me know. was in hosp all last week again. feelin good now again.