4x4 Actuator

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  1. I am considering purchasing a 1995 Chevrolet S10 Blazer. The guy selling this vehicle says it needs a 4x4 actuator and he says it costs $42 at autozone.

    Does anyone know what this actuator is? Is it difficult to replace?
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    Pick yourself up a Haynes service manual. If you want to go a cheaper route, most libraries can get or will have this book so you could just barrow it. In the long run I have found buying the book is a small but invaluable investment.

    It's most likely mounted on the outside of the transfer case. ( just a guess).


  3. tell him to fix it and you will buy it ..how are you going to see if the 4 wheel drive is any good??????
  4. If it is the vacuum actuator that he is talking about it is located under the battery tray. Pretty simple to change too. Just remove the battery and the tray and there it is. If it is the vacuum switch it is located on top of the transfer case it just threads in with a vacuum connector on top.
  5. In that year gm used a type that heated a gas inside of it and pushed a piston to engage the 4x4, usally the one that went bad was in the front differental and it just screwed into the side of the housing. Make sure you check for power at the plug first there are some switches involved to turn it on. usally key on and 4x4 in 4 high should have power there also the can take awhile to engage too. Also if you see the vehicle and are really intrested see if the seller can fix it first, maybe work the repair into the deal, Just to protect yourself.
  6. The S-10 blazers used the vacuum actuator not the heated gas style found on the full size trucks.
  7. What Roger 23 said ......... never buy a 4X4 until you see if it works correctly. Find a gravel parking lot & make sure all wheels spin & that it engages & disengages smoothly. Have the guy get it fixed then go from there, sounds like he may be trying to hide something.
  8. whoops my bad sorry for the mis info.