47lb walleye rejected as new record!

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  1. Do you know how Awsome it would be if the eyes in Erie got that big?
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  2. Did you read the disclosure/disclaimer at the top?
  3. What no picture? There has to be a picture of this monster on the web. Oh and then i read the top of the page. Now thats just not rite to play with a guy like that. Man i was excited.
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    But eventually those Walleye's will adapt to saltwater...I guarantee it ;)
  5. That would be awesome to get walleye to that size, and if only it were true...
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    Sure it wasn't a zander? LOL
  7. I recall there was some discussion last year regarding a new record walleye that was thought to be a zander that had escaped from a pond/lake during a flood. I also belive that the fish was caught in brackish water which started all the speculation. There might have been a Thread here on OGF along with a discussion.
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    believed it till i read the top. sounded good :p
  9. I read that article a few years ago. I think it has been going around longer than the monster notrhern pike that was caught in canada but really was a pikecaught in europe.
  10. I thought you guys would get a laugh out of that!:p
  11. Had me believing it ..anything is possible today ..Then nixmkt..sent me back to read the Disclosure/Disclaimer........JIM.......:p......
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    that'd make on heck of a fish sandwich.lol.(if it were true)