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  1. I just bought a Smith and Wesson 460 xvr. I was wondering if i should put a scope on it or not. I shot it twice and blew up two beer cans at 25 yds. with open sights. Its gonna be used primarily for deer hunting. Some input would help me greatly.
  2. Hunting deer this year with the ol pistoly?

  3. I hope to be done before gun, i've got a 130 class 10pt in the woods im hunting. I seen him the first night i hunted at 10 yds but no shot. But i'm thinking ottawa club the pistol'e might be awesome for shooting does.
  4. I heard you had him close but not shot. That sucks. This weekend should be good with the forecasted low temps. The rain needs to stay away though. Not looking too promising.
  5. I have a 44 mag ruger that I put a scope on and did not really like it.

    On 50+ yard shots its OK, but all the deer I have ever shot were inside 45 yds.

    I did not like the field of view at close range. I am going to try a high end red dot if that dont work out its iron sight all the way.!%
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    I've got a .460, .44 Andaconda and .454 Ruger. I had the Ruger scopped and really liked it. I originally had a Burris 2 power on it, however a few years back I put on a nice Aimpoint 3000. This is the old style AP's which I like better than the newer ones. You'll have to be carefull of which scope you get becasue I've seen some nice scopes not be able to handle the pressure of the .454 or .460.
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    Theres a few videos on Youtube of example scopes that dont hold up to the pressure on those guns.
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    I have a 44mag and a 454 casull both scoped with 2-8x leupolds, the scopes have held up without a problem even with the pounding the casull puts out. The key is a good rest, with a bench and a sandbag both are extremely accurate at 100 yds with hand loads. Try the same shot free handed and you won't be within a 100 yds. Ive shot numerous deer under 70 yds off the shooting rail of my treestand or even off my knee while sitting on the ground and I can't think of one that went very far at all. hunting with a pistol is an entirely different challenge and alot of fun, there was a four year period when I only hunted with a pistol during gun season and they were a very rewarding four years. It is an addictive way of hunting.
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    I agree w/ ya Big Steve. It's a blast! I'm not much into hunting anymore but I love going out w/ my handgun.
  10. I guess i'll see what happens this year without a scope and if i dont seem to shoot well at farther distances open sights then i'll have to invest into a scope or more time at the range. I just cant wait until gun season opens, its gonna be a blast shooting at deer with that hand cannon.