454 water pump

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ltdan, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I am new to inboards. Someone told me that you should change the impeller on your motor every so often.I have a 454 big block Mercruser inboard 1999.I am pretty good with tools and have changed water pumps on a car. went to the dealer and they sold me an impeller. and a o ring. I am looking and can not figure out where this goes.It has been around 250 hours but the motor is still running around 175 degress the same as i bought it should I worry and is this the right impeller.the motor is a fuel injected 7.4.
  2. The Impeller goes in he lower unit on the outdrive.

  3. Thats what I thought my boat has a velvet transmission and a shaft that goes straight throught the bottom of the boat. shaft goes dirrectly into the transmission.
  4. Man I don't know anything about the velvet drive but I would imagine that you would need some kind of primary pump to feed the automotive style pump on that 454 but I don't know?? Sorry!!
  5. There should be 2 pumps on the front of the engine .Just trace the hose from the water intake petcock in the hull of the boat that the 1 that you have to change the impeller from time to time
  6. Thanks I will look this weekend when i am up to the boat May wait untill this fall before i tear it apart