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  1. I'm looking to buy either a T/C Contender or a Commanche in .410 to rabbit hunt with. I know the T/C is a well made gun, but have never seen a Commanche. Is it a deal where you get what you pay for, or is the Commanche suitable for the task? If anyone here has shot or owned one, I'd like to hear your opinion. Thanks!

  2. Dont know much about the Commanche gun, but I have had several TC firearms and can vouch for them without hesitation, plus if you buy the Contender you can ad many many barrels in a variety of different cals for shockingly low prices sometimes.

  3. Thanks for the link, Scott! That's alot of info! Now....just have to sort it all out. Many say it's a "get what you pay for handgun" while others love it. I'm headed to a gun shop today. Hope they have both!

    Crazy, Thanks for your input as well. I know the TC is a great gun. Just having a hard time justifying all the cash ;) After all, I could be putting that to good use in that hole in the water I keep throwing money into... the boat LOLOL On second thought, maybe the TC is the better way to go since you could probably get your money back if you wanted to.
  4. You can save some money on the barrel by trying to find one online, there are numerous dealers who have websites, the frame needless to say has to go through a FFL, and like I said you can buy extra barrels once you get the frame purchased, I have seen contender barrels dirt cheap many times.