41 bridge 10/23. Safe access

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  1. I was just wondering if any members were part of the legion of fishermen at or around the 41 bridge last night(Thursday). It was overall a bad time for fish. I caught one 12"er when I got there at 4p.m. two tiny ones on a popper downstream at 5p.m.. Then a lot of small ones directly under the bridge in that hole between about 6:15 and 6:50 when I packed it in. I usually cross from the east side of, and just below, the bridge where the fast water is and it's very slippery and hairy getting to that island under the bridge(I've almost fell several times in my four crossings). Is there a safer place to get into the river just upstream of the bridge?
  2. I've only been there twice this past year, but never had trouble accessing the island from either side. If you park in the main lot and walk down to the right, you'll see a path in the tall weeds made by other fishermen. Actually, there are two paths. The one I'm thinking of is north on the bike path closer to the bridge. Once you navigate the ditches found along the path, you walk straight across to the island. It's very shallow there and I didn't find it very slippery compared to many other parts of the river. When I got a lure snagged in the grass on the other side, I didn't have any trouble crossing there, either. Near the southern tip of the island, it's very shallow.

    That said, I don't think that area is worth spending time in right now. Surely, somebody will prove me wrong, but I think there are better odds elsewhere.

  3. Right now all that water is rapid on the main parking lot side and the rocks are slimy and shift in the shallow but fast riffles. for 10 days straight I was nailing big bass there but the last week or so it's died.
  4. I go slow when crossing that area. Try not to let the minnow bucket hit the water and space my feet out for extra balance. But I have came close to going down once.
  5. Not sure about crossing up near the bridge. Ive always gone down the path whre you use to be able to drive down. THey have it blocked off now. I always fish down from there anyways, much deeper water down there.
  6. Yep, we actually met at that spot a couple of months ago. I rode my bike to the fishing hole where you and your buddy were nailing 'glls and a nice saugeye if I remember. I gave ya some wax worms.
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    Cross above the bridge if the current challenges ya. It's about 30" deep max.TC1