$400.00 use fee for boat ramps

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  1. I work with a fellow that lives out at Buckeye Lake and he brought in the local paper and showed me an article in it that said that the state is considering charging a $400.00 a year fee to use all Ohio state boat ramps and require all boaters to hold a license to operate a watercraft that is good for 3 years. Did not say what the cost of that might be. Just wondering if any one has heard of this yet.
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    The boaters license doesn't bother me, but to pay that sum to launch your boat, seems quite extreme. Isn't that what the money that comes from our fishing license is supposed to go to, amongst other things??

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    Since our fishing licenses are so cheap, there probably isn't enough to go around for keeping our ramps in good repair. I had to buy an Indiana fishing license and it was $35 as opposed to our $19. Maybe a small increase would be helpful for repairing ramps and possibly creating new ones...but $400/year is very high.
    Possibly ski-bums could also chip in with a nominal fee since many of them do not have fishing licenses and use the waterways.
  4. I had to pay something like $15.00 to launch my boat at Deep Creek Lake in MD last year.They charge for each time you launch. Plus they wanted to charge for each person getting in the boat at the ramp. Sorry, don't remember how much it was for each extra person. I had my son drop me in the water and I took the boat over to the place we were staying and just left it in the water for a week. He drove the truck and trailer over to where we were staying as well.

    You figure if you launch 10 times there.. Thats $150.00.. I'm sure we all launch more then 10 times a year. So $400.00 a year isn't that bad... I still don't want to pay anything to launch. We pay enought out with fishing, boat and trailer licenses. They don't do anything about the idiots that mess with us while we are trying to fish... Won't be long before they want to charge us to take a crap at the outhouses.

    Just my 2 cents
  5. Does anyone have a link to this article? I'm not having any luck finding it. If this is true, I'm going to stop looking for a boat. I think $400 is a bit steep.
  6. Found it:

    Boating forum set for April 29


    I recently learned about a meeting that I think everyone around the lake should try to attend. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Watercraft is holding ten public forums around the state on the revision of the state's Strategic Plan for Ohio Boating.

    The first session in the state will be held on Tuesday, April 20 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the auditorium at Millersport Elementary School. More information about the forum is at www.ohiodnr.com.

    I've heard that the state may be planning to charge all boaters an annual fee of as much as $400, charge to use state launch ramps and require all boat operators to get a license every four years.

    If this is correct, these fees and requirements will have a major impact on boating and hence on the lake and our community. It would be a shame if people move out to the lake to enjoy it and end up not being able to afford the fees to boat and fishhere.
    Jan Garcia
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  8. where does it end?ohio losing its manufacturing jobs,gas and food prices,home forclosures,retirees on fixed incomes,less people buying fishing and hunting license,maybe in a recession.yea it makes sense lets pay $400 so we can go out on the lake a few times a year.ohio doesnt have to live on a budget be we have too!
  9. I don't think they could get $400 from every boat that uses a ramp...I'm NOT willing to pay anything to launch my kayaks (since I think it's a crock that they have to be registered to begin with), and I won't pay much at all to launch a future fishing boat a handful of times a year.
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    That's ridiculous!!!


    Does it seem to all of you that the goverment is trying to suck us dry. Every time we turn around something is costing more and more. And to charge us to launch our boats after all we pay in fishing license, boat stickers, and trailer plates. Let alone how much the gas is setting us back. I just can not believe it. SOMETHING has to be done about all this crap!!! I do not normally attend meetings, but I am going to get to one of these! There comes a point when something has to be done about all the price increases. Hey maybe we can use our stimulous package to pay for the ramp fees this year. That will leave us enough to buy 2 tanks of gas.:mad: :mad: :mad:
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    does this fee also include sailboats, jet ski's and rowboats?
  13. Well, what is this going to do? It will be a law that makes a bunch of outlaws out of us!!! I got a f250 and 4 wheel drive, I will just have to launch of the bank instead of the ramp!! If you raise the price to be this crazy, people will snap! Food prices, gas prices, inflation equall to that of the 70's and then 400 bucks! Any public official who does this is committing political sucide!! Whos going to enforce that? You wonder out in the stick of Ohio and try to enforce that law.. Couldn't get me to do that job. That could cut down your life span.
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    If this goes through will it only be in effect at State ramps? would city ramps such as the ones at Hoover, be exempt? If so think of the added pressure here in Columbus, all of the Alum Creek boaters would be at Griggs or O'shay, I think those are city or county ramps, right? I know alot of other states have launch fees at their state parks, I would rather see something of that nature rather than a one time whopping $400 fee. All and all its just impossible for me to imagine, between this and the clean water deal, Id be out 1200$ not to mention trailer tags, Fishing liscence, and gas. All that to fish out of my $750 boat, yea right! It took me 5 years to buy that alone!
  15. you are correct..society makes criminals. ever watch that movie "ever after" she makes a good speaech on why the man should be let go b/c society made him a criminal.

    I wonder how well the boat ramp fee will go over. They tried charging a parking fee at state parks and that flopped.

    I don't mind paying $19 for a license..I'd pay a small price more but $400 come on. I don't even have a boat and never fished from a boat and I think that's highway robbery.

    Go ahead charge a fee, people will stop buying boats, then manufacturers of baots will go out of business, we lose jobs, etc.

    I don't know about your area but slowly month by month businesses in my area are dying off. I continuely see abondoned or for sale buildings and homes. People losing their jobs, big companies closing, gas prices and food prices soaring and rice being rashioned. One needs to hunt and fish to feed their family but if the "man" continues to add fees for this and that we will all surely die. Harsh? maybe but come one wake up and smell the coffee.

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  16. $400 a year is outrageous. Fenwick charges $5 to launch from their ramp and Vermilion city charges $6. You would have to launch from a state ramp over 70 times a year to be in this reasonable price range. And you know that if the state starts charging, then the cities that have free ramps, like Hotwaters at Lorain will start to.
  17. We have been here before with this discussion a few years back and it created quite a buzz.;)

    Okay I can see the added expense of upkeep on ramps so if they need to do something to pay for it then so be it. But come on!! $400 per boat??!! That is absolutely ridiculous. What is the upkeep cost for a particular ramp? A particular ramp could have hundreds of boaters using it in a season. Does it really take $50,000 or more to keep it up? If it determined that they truly need to do something like this then here is what I suggest. I say they should not tack it on to the fishing license because there are a large number of licenses bought for folks who do not use the ramps. It would not be fair to them. I suggest that they can come up with a state ramp boat tag that costs something much more affordable, say maybe $30. Everyone who plans to use state ramps needs to buy one of these tags to put on their trailer. Then when officers check parking lots they can check for the tag. If a trailer does not have a tag then they are written up a ticket/bill for $30 that they can pay at an office within a certain number of days. Beyond that period it goes up to $50. You then don't need all that much more policing and the revenue would be generated from within the ones who use it. These tags should apply to any state ramp meaning they do not need to buy multiple tags to travel around the state.

    As I said I am sure there are some maintenance costs over time to ensure quality ramps. I don't think a small fee would be that hard to justify.
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    Your suggestion has one big thing wrong with it...! It makes sense. :eek: We all know that the P.T.B. really don't look at practical solutions, only how to raise the most money so it can be pillaged down the road. :mad:
  19. I see. So you are saying that to figure these things out one needs to think outside the box to come up with it. I just didn't realize it was the box of reason that they were outside of.:rolleyes:
  20. Sounds similar to the attempt at making everyone who entered a State Park pay some sort of fee a couple years back...

    That one died...just like this one should.