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40 acre pond

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dock dabber, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Can anyone provide me with some info on this small lake? Interested in finding out about the crappie and bluegill fishing prospects in it. Are there any of you fellows Ice fishing it with any success in the winter? Many years ago this was a good crappie spot but never hear anything about it anymore. Any help or advice on it would be welcomed Thanks
  2. need more general location info ?

  3. littleking

    littleking Crossing Lines LIKE A PRO

    are you talking about breslers?
  4. dock dabber, if you are talking about the 40 acre pond near St Marys I wouldn't waste my time. It is part of the Erie canal system and is only about 2-3' deep. We used to catch some crappies there but lately it hasn't been to good. There are alot of carp in there though. There are some bass there also. Alot of bluegills just not alot of size to them. If you want a place to go frog gigging this is the place. If you plan on fishing it from a boat a canoe is about the only thing that will work. Also there are alot of catfish here but again not alot of size overall. My Dad did get a crappie about 16" from there but it was years ago. A neat thing to do in the spring when the mulberrys are dropping is to use a fly rod with a small hook and use mulberrys for bait. Find a mulberry tree and drop the hook by the tree and you'll catch all the carp you want.