4 stroke yamaha motor

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  1. I just purchased a used Skeeter boat with a 2005, 115 horse Yamaha and was wondering if anyone had any advise concerning maintenance before I start fishing with it. I'm planning on changing the oil but this is the first 4 stroke that I've owned so not sure if anything else is required. Thanks Kevin
  2. whens the last time the water pump was changed? oil/filter/plugs .

  3. Check the Engine Oil, lower unit oil and everything else you can check if they look good run it for the rest of the season and change all oils and filters before winter storage. If the Engine oil is nasty go ahead and replace it now but if decent I would just wait.
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  4. Thanks for the replies. I checked all of fluids and everything looked good. The boat sat all summer and it started right up. Can't wait to get it out on the water. Kevin
  5. i have a yamha 115 on my boat and love it . i just change oil in it every year and when i know that i am going out the last trip i fill it up with gas and put stabil fuel treatment in the gas . a full tank will not draw moister like a half full tank .
  6. Yes, I just love the motor so far. I've not had the chance to take it out but it started and ran great in the yard.