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4 sale or trade

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by sam kegg, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. sam kegg

    sam kegg

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    i have a 16ft 2 axle car hauler trailer 2 inch ball good condition just needs some paint and ramps. it has room for a front cross box, i need a smaller trailer like a landscaper trailer, trade or $500 cash
  2. 21Archer


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    I have a 4x10 trailer with a steel bed, and removable wood sides. It also tilts, for easy loading. 2" Bball, and new lights. Do you have any pics of your trailer ? If you are interested I can Send you some pics. I live just north of warren.

  3. rla442


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    Sam I sent you an email. If you could give me some more details or a photo I will take it off your hands for cash.
  4. lrigsby


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    I have a 6.5x 12 ft. tilt bed trailer that I used for hauling a golf cart, it has the angle iron open side rails, and is in good condition, bed is wood, pulls real nice, I bought a ramp gate traier as I had a total knee replacement, it's easier for me to walk the ramp than step off of the tilt trailer, I'm asking $575.00 for it and might be interested in a trade, a guy at the Lake just paid $875.00 for a new one like it. If you're interested, call me at 419-230-9867, I'm in Lima, Ohio, and could meet part way to trade if it works out. Thanks