4-Pound Bass with Snow

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    There is snow on the ground & here is one of my fishing buddies holding a 4lb. bass that he caught today. I weighed it on my digital scale myself. He is 75-years old and sometimes I have to help him out of the boat. But I enjoy the hell out of his company. And you can see why. He's a hell of a bass fisherman!
    He caught it on a 7-1/2-inch rubber worm. And we lost one that he hooked, (right beside the boat) that out-weighed the 4-pounder! He hooked & lost the second monster with a white spinner with a trailer. He had two hits, with two fish. And no more hits.
    I threw my: rattle-trap, jignpig, spinner, & jerk-bait. No hits for me. But I was pretty excited from the other action.
    We fished the East side flats in about 3-foot deep water on the watershed because that had the most sun exposure. Also the wind was blowing toward the flats.

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  2. Great lookin bass! can't wait for spring.

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    JignPig Guide Fishing Guide

    Here is the better of the two pictures I took. You don't see the snow in these pictures because the camera is facing East. But believe me, the snow was on the ground on the West side of the Lake.

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  4. Great fish! Looks like that was a lot of fun :)
  5. Nice bass! I personally dont know about 4 lbs? I weigh every fish I catch.Still a very nice bass this early in the year.
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    Geez, C'mon man not this again. I guess it LOOKS more like 3 lb 15oz to you?

    Nice fish, can't wait to get on em soon!
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Originally Posted by JignPig Guide
    There is snow on the ground & here is one of my fishing buddies holding a 4lb. bass that he caught today. I weighed it on my digital scale myself

    I guess he believes his digital scale........and so do I :) Nice picture and very nice bass. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Nice bass! Those days aren't far off! Still ice on the lakes up this way, but we'll get there.
  9. Great friendship you have there, JPG. And a nice of you to honor his knowledge of fishing to him and us.

    As for it being 4lbs heck if you say it is 5lb, 3lb, or 6lbs I will believe you. Some people just need to feel superior in their own mind, so let the comment slide off of your back and take your friend fishing again.
  10. Awesome fish!!! I can tell just from the pictures that the fish is some where between 3.5lbs and 4 and change. Either way that is still infinitely bigger than anything I have caught in about 4 months.

    Congrats, great fish!! I can't wait to tangle with one that size myself this year.

  11. Thanks for posting the story and report. Gettin us all more excited for spring!
  12. Way to go JPG..... Very nice bass.... Thats the way to start the year out....

  13. THIS IS REALLY GETTING ME FIRED UP FOR FISHING NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!pappysgto@aol.com
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    My buddy in the picture had two bouts with pneunoia in late 2006 & early 2007. He was very sick and weak. As soon as he was able. And while his breathing was still labored. I had him on the water catching bass. Evertime he moved his breathing was labored and he would have to rest. But he still managed to take all of my teasing. And he also managed to catch a 5-1/2 pounder (again on a spinnerbait) & several 4 pounders last year! (And I do have a digital scale & take my weight claims seriously.)
    His daughter told my wife that I may have saved his life. And we almost cried when my wife told me. I guess sometimes we don't realize how important our time with one and other is.
  15. Nice fish and great story. I think that I recognize the lake....there are some nice fish out there.
  16. Congrats to your friend. I've got a friend kind of like yours and your last sentance is so true.
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    JignPig Guide...............Thanks for the pic's.........the good words about your buddy......and the how you guy's caught them....As for the size.....I think your right on......besides if that was ROLAND MARTIN you were sharing the boat with..........."SON....THAT FISH IS EVERY BIT OF 8#, FOR SURE SON, I"M TELLING YOU"...... is just what he would be telling us. While on the subject of truths........Truth be told (long before catch and release was the thing with bass) some of us have eaten Bigger bass than some "young guns" havent even caught in their short life times.......yet, they too will turn into old men, with their stories to tell.......Great job on your post.......Jon Sr.
  18. Really who cares about the weight,

    bottom line is you guys had fun, caught bass...(well he did) and got out on the water.....everything after that is just a bonus...Great post..
  19. I guess I wont ever comment on a weight again.Sorry If offended any one. I said it was a nice bass.And it is a nice bass.
  20. Very nice fish, Even if it was a 3.13 or what not it is a 4 pounder. Very nice.