4 Mile or Seven Mile Report?

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  1. I'm thinking if going after work. I hit 4-Mile a little north of theGMR and managed one dink SM and my buddy hooked into a decent SM. Other than that, not much other than some carp swimming around. Just wondering what others had scene?
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    All the small criks in SW ohio dried out last year and killed most if not all the fish. You'll find fish in the first half mile of most smaller creeks up from where they hit a larger river. Both 4 and 7 mi dried up comepletely last summer.I fished andersons,todds and ceasars two weeks ago up off rt 68 where i always did good in the past and did'nt even see minnows or craws.Walked right up the middle of the creeks walking back to spook out any fish to see if any where there and nothing flushed out,TC1

  3. i saw a whole bunch of minnows. no crwas but i wasn;t looking too hard. i definantly saw a lot of smaller fish, not minnows. my buddy got 3 baby SM. I fished 4 Mile in Oxford on Friday and got several 5 inch SM. I also lost a 2lb SM. that sucked. In the Spring I pulled out a real nice SM from 4Mile and a ton of Rock Bass. but yeah, from the spots we were hitting I expected to be killing it and it just never happened.
  4. sorry for the bad spelling all ove rthe place but i'm at worka nd trying to be quick!
  5. I fished a stretch of the seven mile creek this past weekend. In past years I always can catch a few each outing. I fished three hours and didn't even get a bite. I did have two DNR Officers find me and checked me for a license. That was the first time I was ever checked that I was not fishing a state park. Glad they are starting to do a little more work.
  6. DNR showing up kind of randomly huh? wow. I went to 4Mile again this Friday and hooked into a couple decent Saugeye and almost landed my record fish. I was using a tube (1st time for those) and caught the Saugeye back to back and on my next cast as I was slowly retrieving my tube the fish just nailed it and took off. I had NEVER had a fish hit so aggressively. I was able to get it right near the bank and when I saw it my eyes nearly popped out of my head! It was easily over a 20in bass. I imagine it was a smallie because I've never caught a LM in 4Mile. It was HUGE. It was thrashing like mad and I was trying to keep it calm and bent down to pull it in using my hands and the damn thing snapped my line! I'm taking my pole to get respooled with some stronger, better line although I have 8lb test on now. So anyway, after that I didn't get another bite for over an hour. I think I just stumbled onto a nice little hole.