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4-Mile Creek

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dan8402, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. Anybody been catching anything lately at 4-Mile? Ok, who has even been fishing there. I can't seem to catch anything lately. I was down at the spillway a week ago and there were fish all over the surface. I threw everything in my box, and no fish. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. juniormintz

    juniormintz 4-Mile Fanatic

    HEY HEY WELCOME BACK DAN-O.I see you found out about this too. finally caught something on my fly rod this weekend, nice blue gill. I may be going out sometime this week depending on the weather. cya later on.

  3. I fish the part near hamilton off eaton road. Caught a couple rock bass and a decent small mouth. They don't seem to be hitting like last year. Just got to figure out the spots since it changes everytime it rains.
  4. I was out there for a couple of hours Mon. and didn't get a bite. The week before I had a couple really nice hook ups. I think it's just a matter of timing right now.