4 fish ohio black crappie!

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  1. One of out friends just rented a place with a pond. We were told that it some crappie and some bass in it, so since it was such a nice day we gave it a try. After throwing some bass baits and smaller stuff, we decieded to get serious and see what was in there. We rigged up some live minows and caught quite a few dink bass, but nothing big. Starting to think that was all that was in there when my friend had something hit and start to take out drag but then got off. It happened a couple more times, but then the mystery was solved after a couple more strippings. We ended up getting 4 all the way in and loosing another 4 before running out of minnows. All four fish were fish ohio crappie! Two went 14" and the other two where just over 15" What a day! Deffinately be back there later this week. All fish were released to fight another day.


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    Nice slabs!!! I'll be on them this weekend! The campground we stay at has 15 acres of lakes and is full of crappie. :G The boat is ready, new line on the poles, all I need now is time:p P.S.- great pics!!
  3. nice slabs where were you fishing at? Congrats