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  1. This morning leaving my stand I came around a bend in the woods and 4 bucks were standing in a winter wheat field. When they seen me they ran about 200yrds and stopped and watched me walk to my truck. I wondering if anyone thinks they might be spooked for awhile, should I wait a week to hunt again? They were about 25 ydrs form my pop-up blind, should I keep hunting it or move it alittle. Any info would helpful thanks.
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    If it were me I'd try there again. They didn't see you in the stand or bust you, you should be good. It's worth a try anyway.

  3. Are you hunting in Texas, your name, or Ohio, Dayton?? It makes a big difference. Texas deer are not as smart as Ohio deer;) ! I could go into a dissertation about the main politician from Texas and his intelligence, but I will not. I am sure it would be too political and get nuked. If you are in Ohio, I would not hesitate to go back. They are probably there for food source , and are bedding down very close to the food. If the weather gets worse, their route between bedding and feeding will drastically shorten. Good Luck. If you are in Texas, this is meaningless.:D
  4. I'm hunting in Ohio I just moved here from Texas, trying to switch from rifle to bow, thanks for help
  5. I would get back out in the woods. You can't shoot them at home. Though they spooked, they will be back, maybe tomorrow.
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    Texas Hunter also makes game feeders :p