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  1. fished a small trib of the big O the last 3days:) 1st real fishing of the yr
    well here it goes all fish caught on 1/8oz unpainted leadheads,2''white twistertails,4lb# excel line,5'6''light rod(lighting rod lr21)with a akuma reel;)
    thursday 3pm till 6pm 1st was a smallie 13'' followed by 6whitebass 8''to10''
    mostly on a steady retieve then stop an jiggle:)
    friday 3pm till 6pm me an mrstwister she got one nice 12''whitebass
    i got 1 smallie little nicer than the one thursday 15''fattie
    10 whites biggest 12'' same retieve as thursday,tried jigging it back a few times nada
    friday 3;30 till 6pm
    started off jigging an the eyes were home 2day caught an released 10 saugers all small, released 6 small walleyes an kept 2 17''jacks 4 dinner lol;)
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    Hi Jimbo. Been a while. Glad to see you and mrstwister are still hittin em. Love to catch those smallies. I built a pond on the farm 2 years ago and have been havin a blast with it. This will be the 3rd year and it should really produce this year. Lots of work but also lots of fun.